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shy away from real talk? no way!

your voice is the bridge to the truth that lies between your heart and your mind.

so, what's my jam anyways?

Lighting that fire inside YOU!

We’re not just hopping from point A to point B. Oh no, we’re taking a leap, my friend. Ready, Set, Jump!

We’re getting into all the real talk, the coaching magic you didn’t know you needed, and a dash of fun. Having lived the hustle, the grind, and the overwhelm, I get it, and im here to help you break the barriers blocking your potential.

It's as easy as 1,2,3


what's with the bike?


be you

I promise you, you’re enough. You have nothing to prove, you are right where you belong.



Shifting gears from the “What if they don’t like me, What if I’m not good enough?” to “What insight can I gain about others and myself?”



We could all use more kindness. Share the love and show compassion towards others and yourself. You will thank yourself for it.



Be present and ask questions. Engage to connect. Connection is the greatest feeling, to feel seen and heard.

personal growth & self-discovery

designed with you in mind to help you take back your power

I see so many people who are stuck, and my main focus is to help them get unstuck. Sometimes you can be so busy with life, you don’t even know you’re standing in cement.

Life just feels like nothing is aligned, and you just don’t know who you are anymore. Despite the fact we will all have challenges… it isn’t meant to be an all-uphill battle. To me, effective personal coaching is holding up a mirror so you can identify (for yourself) the old tapes, baggage, and fears that are holding you back. Without judgment, a bunch of “shoulds” or motivational jargon.

Don’t get me wrong… I will challenge you. I will push you. And you might feel uncomfortable with the truth at times. But when you break through those self-limiting barriers? You’ll never feel anything more empowering. 

Ovation Speaker Series

leadership with heart

balancing insight and action

During my career, I’ve had the privilege of coaching many professionals through role changes and organizational upheaval… even when I wasn’t yet officially a “coach”. I understand the fears, the uncertainties, and ultimately the joy of discovering your true vocation — that thing you were meant to do.

My approach is to get to the heart of what makes you tick… that special something that you aspire to do. It took a HUGE leap of faith to launch Outspoken. I was ready, but scared to leave my cozy comfort zone and embrace a new adventure.

And here’s the crux of it.

You’ll spend a third of your life working… So why not make sure it’s doing something you love?


conquor overthinking and gain clarity and purpose

It’s easy to find yourself in the endless struggle with your thoughts, aiming for an ideal that just seems out of reach… and you’re not alone. I’m here to help you conquer the chaos of overthinking and find peace in ‘good enough’ so you can start enjoying your journey, imperfections and all. Your path, my friend, is paved with self-love, growth, and a life-changing mindset shift.

The destination isn’t all that. Find your happy in the doing, the learning, and the growing. Transform failures and setbacks into stepping stones. Take a step back and ask yourself if that all-or-nothing thinking is more like a unicorn (hint: it doesn’t exist) and swap it for a mindset that turns those “oopsies” moments into “aha” moments. Together, let’s flip the script.

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