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having the courage to let go of things that aren't right for you anymore is the same courage that will guide you to what is.

personal and leadership development

coaching to help you get unstuck

Feeling stuck in the endless loop of perfectionism and overthinking? 

I get it, and you’re not alone on this rollercoaster. But guess what? it’s time to hop off and step into your power with some real, heartfelt guidance. 

There are layers upon layers of untapped potential just waiting to be discovered. Every little aha moment, every breakthrough, every promise you make, you get to grow a bit more each day… until girl, you are a freaking oak tree.

free guide to overcome overthinking

This breakthrough guide has been crafted specifically for you- the thinker, the dreamer, the perfectionist. Navigate from the chaos of overthinking to the clarity of a balanced, mindful life.

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upcoming workshops and speaking events

Check out my upcoming events you won’t want to miss out on. Learn practical, easy-to-apply tips and mindfulness tid-bits that will shift your mindset. Save your spot!

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1 on 1 outspoken coaching sessions

Let’s dive into self-discovery, uncover your purpose, and discover the depths of your potential, together. There are so many more discoveries and victories awaiting your magic.

The art of leading you first

I’m not just here to guide; I’m here to be your coach, your mentor, and your biggest fan, teaching you the art of leading you first in true Tonya Kay style.

Having lived the hustle, the grind, and the overwhelm, I get it, and I’m here to help you break through those stubborn barriers.

This is YOUR moment- your journey to becoming unapologetically and undeniably you begins right here, right now. What’s stopping you?

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